• Canadian Tax Software for Mac Computers

    Choosing your Canadian Tax software for your Mac computer is relatively straight forward. There are actually only 2 programs that are Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approved downloadable MAC tax software. Those two programs are TaxFreeway and TaxTron. They are both ok programs but are lacking a bit on the ease-of-use, support and features that other programs include. Instead we recommend TurboTax as your Canadian Tax software, which is available as an online version.

    With a Mac computer (and a PC) you can also use online tax software. Reputable online tax software is safe, secure and available anywhere that you have the internet. If you choose to use an online tax software you have many more choices which includes: TurboTax, H&R Block Online, AceTax, etc… You can see all the options on our Online Tax Software section.

    turbo tax review
    Although TurboTax is not a downloadable tax software it’s worth mentioning here because it is the most popular and highest rated Canadian tax software. It is available through their online tax software and it operates almost identically to the CD version that your purchase from a store. Read our TurboTax review here.

    It is also worth mentioning because many people are converting from a PC to a Mac. If you’ve used TurboTax (previously QuickTax) in years past you can use TurboTax for Mac quite easily! You simply download your .tax file and upload that to TurboTax. Sounds complicated? It’s not TurboTax walks you through the entire process!

    Click here to visit TurboTax and start your tax return.

    tax freeway review
    TaxFreeway is my second choice for tax software to use for the Mac. It is definitely not as user friendly or has as many bells and whistles as Turbo Tax. However, it is less expensive and will do the trick for basic tax returns. Click here to read our full review on TaxFreeway.

    tax tron review
    TaxTron is 3rd on my list of Tax software for Mac computers. That’s because this is one of the most expensive tax softwares on the market (for an individual license). It is more expensive than Turbo Tax which is the highest rated and most popular Canadian tax software. Tax Tron may work for your tax situation but we would recommend choosing either Tax Freeway or TurboTax as you’ll save money and/or receive a better product. Read our full Tax Tron review here.

    Canadian Tax software for Mac computers is unfortunately not super common. However, you can use online tax software which definitely opens up your software options. Check out the full software comparison table here.


    3 Responses to “Canadian Tax Software for Mac Computers”

    1. Earl Murphy on February 27th, 2012 9:51 am

      I completed my tax form on my Mac computer using your services. Then when I was ready to send the data to Netfile you asked me to obtain a Product Key. While obtaining the key number as directed and paying for your product I seemed to have lost all of the data I spent a few hours compiling on your system. Is there any way of recouping the data so that I can at last send it to the government or do I have to start all over again? How do I save to my files at the end? How can I print at the end? The answers to these questions are not obvious. Is this system only compatible on the iPad? Also, do I have to purchase the product a second time in order to complete my Quebec tax return?

      Earl Murphy

    2. admin on February 27th, 2012 12:14 pm

      Hi Earl,

      I’m assuming that you mean TurboTax. If this is the case your information should be stored on their system under your “user id”. Your information should be stored along the way after you complete each section so no need to save at the end. Also, at the end of your tax filing there should be a button to print the forms.

      And no, this is not only compatible with an iPad. It’s compatible with any computer that has access to a web-broswer / the internet. And you shouldn’t have to pay for another product key to file in Quebec, it’s all built into one program.

      You can also use TurboTax’s support which is free and available 24/7!

      Hope that helps.

    3. Linda on April 2nd, 2012 5:50 pm

      I previously used Quicktax for Mac for the 2008 tax year. I’m now catching up and need to start with my 2009 tax year. I cannot find the Mac version for 2009 online, only the PC download version; Can I still access 2009 for Mac?

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